Lag issues in gar

Now we all know lag is a problem in gar, and the devs are looking into it but will there be reduced lag in the near future? New scripts, unions and tech is coming out newer games are implementing it, will it be implemented to gar too? I love playing gar and I love it when I there’s no lag.

For me there isn’t really much lag in GAR maybe its your computer?

I honestly can’t say I’ve had any lag related problems that is the games fault, I think it’s just individuals connection speed (like yourself) that is the problem.

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Well Coruscant runs perfectly fine on my Iphone 7 when I ever play on mobile, so you’d probably need a better computer or connection.

I only can agree with the others. No lags for me as well.

Well that’s strange because my pc can handle games like cyber punk and other games even games like arsenal & jailbreak are lag free, it’s only gar, I get lag after 3 hours of playing. Thanks for letting me know, I think I should ask roblox support for some answers then.

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I think it’s your wifi, but usually after 3 continuous hours on a server things aren’t as stable.

I don’t think that the GAR can help this it might be your internet but Roblox itself can upgrade its service and drivers to make it quicker.

Thanks for your input.

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