LA-AT on rails, for transport

There have been multiple suggestions of adding ships, specifically an LA-AT. While I think it’s a great idea, it shouldn’t be something we control (could troll so easily with that). If the map is large, an LA-AT that operates similarly to a train would be dope. It could fly around the map in a predetermined path, allowing players to hop on and hop off. Perhaps airborne troopers and 7th sky corps could spawn on it as well.

It’s should go like:
FOB - border - other sectors of the city


This is not a bad idea actually…


Normally I hate suggestions like these since they seem unnecessary, but this is actually pretty well though out and could be utilized. It does seem faster than walking down miles of stairs to get to the subway (in the old revamp).

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Reviving, since it seems like other people have mentioned LAATs.