Kyber crystal shop!


A kyber crystal shop could be a GREAT addition to the new Coruscant map, here is why:

In the shop you can purchase/sell crystals for credits! There would be a rarity level to crystals,

(ex: blue and red are common crystals, green and dark red is uncommon, Purple could be legendary etc)

People can buy these crystals for robux or in-game money. With these crystals you can change the color of your saber(s) and collect them all!

The shop could also become a place to work for immigrants to earn credits, which could help expand upon the new jobs for immigrants aswell.

Thank you for reading!

I like this idea. Would love to see different coloured crystals as you can only get them through commands.


Brilliant idea, I hope they add this!

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Excellent idea! Especially since there are already variations of sabre colours already in the game, this should mean that adding the rest of the features would be relatively easy. Shops like this need to be in the game, it creates good job opportunities for immigrants as well as filling up a lot of the empty space around the actual city area. There are plenty of places where a shop like this could be built into the bottom floor of a skyscraper, just like how the apartment building already kind of is.

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Pro idea definitely voting.

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