Jettpack for 100.000 credits

I think its a good idea but if its very much or not enought please comment

Did you mean permanent or just for 24 hours? There is a 24 hour one that costs around 500 robux I believe.

it should only be for 24 hours

100,000 credits seems a little too much. I’d say a fitting price for 24 hours is around 30k credits.


How about no.

100k is too much for 24 hours and would be a rip-off to all gamepass users.

100,000 takes an incredibly long time to get. Given that arms dealer weapons only last 24 hours this would be a total scam. 25-30k would be a fair price, although arms dealers may be getting reworked in the near future anyway.

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Even 30K takes quite a while considering bounties and time are the only way to earn credits. Personally, I think 100k-200k might be a solid price for a way to get a permanent jetpack in-game, instead of dropping $20.

In the eventual revamp there’s gonna be a lot more ways to earn credits.

I get that, but there should still be a way to actually buy stuff in game rather than just renting.

This is never going to happen bro if it did eveyone would want a refund bro


No it doesnt 5k per robbery is legit so easy to get to 100 bro stop trying to get free stuff

No one in GAR can rob.

Then get bounty bro not hard

$250 bounty on someone that’s been raiding and hasn’t been killed for 5 min.

If it’s for 24 hours I say around 30k. Permanent jet pack for credits would be like 200k

If they have a raiding morph they can rob.

Way more than that, I see raiders raiding for 10 seconds after they respawn and they are at 1k credit bounty.

I wasnt very clear but i want a prermanently one whit no time limit its like i dont whant to buy every 24 hours a jet pack i dont really care about the amount of credits i just want a prermanently one

I really want this too, but it seems rainy really wants a “rent” based system for whatever reason. Honestly even like 2 mil for a jetpack would be worth it IMO.