Jedi Order branch

Jedi Order

I propose to add a branch and sub-branch of the so-called Jedi Order. I read the news in development they added morphs for the overseer, and I know about it, but it’s different.
Let’s start with the location, it’s called Temple Jedi on Coruscant, and this will be the spawn for the Jedi Order. The place looks like something out of a Star Wars movie, inside there are a lot of interesting things such as the Jedi Archive, High Council Chamber, Medical, and so on.
I can show an example of one of the pictures from the game Battlefront 2

Initially, it has more space, but this is just trimming some places.

Rank Jedi Order:

  • Jedi Initiate (It is important to get trained to become a Padawan.)
  • Padawan
  • Jedi Knight (When you become a Jedi Knight you have to choose three positions such as Jedi Guardians, Jedi Consular, Jedi Sentinel)
  • Jedi Master
  • Jedi Сouncil
  • Master of the Order
  • Jedi High Council
  • Grand Master


  1. Temple security forces (was the security police of the Jedi Temple and the Temple Precinct surrounding it on Coruscant.) They can also use cuff to keep out non-ranked guests such as GAR and so on.
  • Jedi brute
  • Jedi sniper
  • Jedi Gate Master
  • Jedi Peacekeepers ( this specialization focused on police and security operations, working with local law enforcement agencies to suppress violence before it erupted. When not researching crime and assisting other jurisdictions in solving cases, the Jedi Peacekeepers would also patrol Temple)
  • Jedi Temple Guard
  • Additions if immigrants want to work as a security guard at the Temple or special force,without cuff.
  1. Jedi medical corps (it makes it possible to heal.)
  1. Jedi Instructor (The Jedi Instructor reminds how TSU AEEC is where you can train newbies and teach them what to do.)
  2. Jedi Shadow (Jedi Shadow is similar to RI but his task was to have a unique learning goal. Working directly under the Council of First Knowledge, the Shadows were sent to destroy anything and everything related to the Sith and their followers.)

    There’s a lot of things can add as a sub-group.

Share with your opinions, and add your ideas, I will make another suggestion in such a topic.

As always flawless presentation and detailed explanation, it’s amazing.

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