Jedi In Divisions

I was watching Star Wars Clone Wars and I got idea to add Jedi to every divisions like:

7th Sky Corps - Obi-Wan Kenobi

501st Legion - Anakin Skywalker

41st Elite Corps - Yoda

And when I posted idea about Jedi Order and who rank up to the Jedi in division can join Jedi Order without passing tryout and get Jedi rank from divisions.

Jedis will change the game in my opinion cause think about troopers and raiders lightsaber.

Yea, I agree, maybe the overseers will be called each of the jedi.

je ne oius chus ech eine. Je suis eich nitch haus conoessi

Yeah and everybody will wanna be a jedi

Thanks for your suggestion.

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If you are going to add Jedi, I recommend looking into Solar sabers. It’s a type of lightsaber someone named Solarhorizon. It’s easy to setup, and many games are built around these.