Jedi (gamepass)

I would also add other Jedi besides yoda, perhaps with some force powers included.
You can buy a Jedi with robux. What do you think?

They’ve been planning to add the Jedi Order as a whole new section of GAR with its own divisions and ranks, but they never got around to it.


Too bad because it would be nice to have the Jedi too. thanks for the information!:smile:

Hayır, yapmışlardı. Ama sonradan şuan kullandığımız Coruscant gelince bazı birimleri kaldırdılar.

This was first mentioned quite a while ago. The suggestion itself is about as old as the forums.

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There used to be a bundle (two years ago or something) and you could get all the force powers for crazy expensive and get a Jedi morph with it.

wow! Now it would be nice, however, to create the very order of the Jedi