I've earned respected

I’m up with all the other forum legends.
@DembIIe @BobTheBuilder @BadKarma @KKzuk @MeIsC00lGuy2020 @Qwerty @The_Third_Guard @keanu_lopez


u forgot @bqttles and @battles u opp

Bro aren’t I legend?

I tagged the people on the list so.

I tagged the ones on the list as stated below.

not really, no one really knows you


Welcome to the club.


NO! What’s with this bigotry again! If you REALLY want anything that resembles a forums “legend” go back to the forums’ early days and its regulars.

My problem with such self-entitlement is that people that do this mirror so hard to the sort of GAR character that has plagued this game for so long. We’ve seen it in OA, but to be fair they’ve sorted that out but now it’s just taken this bigoted form here on the forums. Quite frankly very few people on your list, and I won’t name names, deserve any recognition for their contributions to the forums. I’m sick and tired of seeing this new wave of active forums users big themselves up. No, you are not a “legend”, get that fickle word out of your head. If you even consider yourselves GAR “legends” let me remind you that many of you regular forums posters haven’t even attained the rank of Warrant Officer, let alone any medals.

If you want to actually earn SOME level of prestige stop getting caught up in your own limelight and start campaigning for real, effective change. I’ve seen it happen on many occasions before and it still happens outside the forums. Hell, if you really want to make a name for yourself the forums is no longer the place to do it. I’d argue that yes it used to be, but everyone that shows up here these days on the forums only know each other. I mean honestly, who outside of the few active people on here actually know who any of you are? Like I’ve already said, if you want to make yourself known I’d say your best bet is one of three options.

  1. Campaign for actual change that will have real consequences on gameplay. This will prove that you’re dedicated and selfless, which is a trait that has all but disappeared over the last year.

  2. Discord activity and impact. A great example is the Holoprint. Sure, it’s defunct now but it sure garnered a lot more attention then any puny forums post ever could.

  3. The one that’s always being told right from the very start. Join a division. Do events and actually prove your skill and worth. I’ve spent enough time on GAR to see how many forums users are active, and yeah I keep up with usernames. Now there are a few that do join divisions and have astounding PVP skills, and you know who you are if you’re reading this. But some forums users either don’t actually play the game or just laze around the border. None of this actually proves who you are.

Yeah, this is a rant. I hate such unmerited self-entitlement and I won’t stop calling it out. I’m done for now but believe me, I will rip apart any further posts just like this.

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Bro this comment literally means nothing, stop wasting your time just to hardly prove a point.

They proved a point greatly, but your blindness to the truth holds you back.

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I just said I earned respect, and never said I WAS a forum legend, I said I was with them. I could right now if you’d like but you’d waste time once again. Tough. You haven’t seen my behaviour and what I do in-game anyway so how can you say anything like that. I have proven to be dedicated to the game on several occasions, forum posts like suggestions, making reports, I do go on the discord frequently but the keyboard I use for it sucks. My posts aren’t puny… You clearly don’t have any idea what I do in the game anyway. So please. Be quiet.

You see milo, I honestly quite like when you respond to my comments. And I’ll be honest when I say it’s fun to rip apart every single counter argument you throw at me. And oh boy, this is no exception.

Right from the start you already mess up. You say you aren’t one but “with” them, which is literally the same thing, don’t kid yourself. This is nothing but a foolish attempt at trying to get away with it.

Don’t care + didn’t ask. If you actually read my post you’d know that I don’t like the fact you’ve elevated yourself amongst others. I am entirely against this concept and I have made that PERFECTLY clear. Your self-entitlement is frankly disgusting.

I include you amongst a particular group, I don’t just single you out for this alone. Although I am greatly curious of what you have actually done in-game, I’m eager for that response. I mean there are parts in this that either don’t make sense or entirely irrelevant to the point.

Like ok? Yet you can still type here? This is such a throwaway point. I mean, you’re literally giving me material at this point I can dig you with.

Once again, quoting myself…

No, the computer I use for the forums is mostly my school computer, my computer for discord has a pretty bad keyboard. Stop trying to act as you know me and what I do.
Regarding your other comments, your just making points that don’t make any sense, to try to make a point. You honestly disgust me.

So many long posts….

Anyhow congrats jestty! I hope you enjoy this moment!

Can’t wait till I can join you.

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I only do this stuff for jokes. GAR isn’t important to me. HRE is where I’m trying to progress, and I have done a good job of that so far. In reality, I do not consider myself a GAR legend and I never will.

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We do. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for literally just rephrasing what I said. Yeah, real ORIGINAL response there ahem ahem

Please, milo, for your own sake have some creativity if you’re going to attempt to defend yourself. The fact that I have to once again point this out shows that your end of the argument is so mundane that you can’t even fresh enough points to support any part of your statement.

Your points literally make no sense, what are you trying to accomplish anyway.

A lot of people really know me