Its coming home, its coming home, its coming, football's coming home!

So, starting this weekend is the Euro 2020 Championships (delayed a year due to Covid) the second best International Football (soccer) tournament after the World Cup.

It got me thinking about some of the nations taking part, if they were in GAR or the wider Coruscant community, who would they be?

(This is just a bit of fun, for those of you of a permanent offended nature, please stop reading.)

Italy - Republic Intelligence. Always look stylish, quietly go about their business, ease their way through with very little fuss, you dont notice them until the latter stages.

France - Coruscant Guard. The French, current favourites for the competition, are disciplined and organised. Their midfielders, Kante, Rabiot & Pogba, patrol and control the pitch like the CG organise the border.

Spain - Red Guard. Spain are famous for their ‘Tiki-Taka’ style of play it’s based on team work, patience, and a high importance on possession. They guard the ball like the RG protect their HICOM.

Germany - HICOM. Who else would they be matched to? Hugo Boss would be proud of those grey officer suits. The Germans are very organised, disciplined and relentless on their pursuit of success. Sense of humour bypass is often a weakness.

England - GAR Troopers. Full of themselves, they get a weapon (Harry Kane) and think they’ll shoot down everyone else. Weak in defence, bigger and better players will come out on top against them.

Portugal - Special Forces. The Portuguese, like the Galactic Marines, are great in attack but lack defensively. They have the worlds greatest player in Cristiano Ronaldo. His free kicks pack the same amount of bang as the SF’s C4.

Netherlands - Raiders. The Dutch gave the world “Total Football”, Raiders give “Total Destruction”. The “Oranje” are also famous for infighting and player divides amongst their squad. Seems Raiding groups have the same issues…

Finland - Cadets. Nobody expects anything from Finland, the so called experts look down on them, treat them with contempt and expect an early exit. One or two of their players have hidden weapons, notably Glenn Kamara, a champion with Rangers this season :grin:

Scotland - Immigrants. They line up, give it their best, try their hardest, but like the Border booth, sadly my dear Bonnie Scotland never get anywhere at major championships. Fingers crossed we’ll get “Access Granted” this time.

Norway - Supreme Chancellor. They have a very…oh, oh no, Norway never qualified. No party invite for you Mr Law.

Other nations who did qualify - Czech Republic, Croatia, Wales, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia

So do you agree/disagree? do the 501st or 41st or any other division deserve a comparison?


Very cool how you made GAR like countries that are in the tournament.

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Lmao, nice. I’m rooting for England here, we have Sancho, Mount, Saka, Kane, Sterling, Rashford, Walker, Bellingham, and many more incredible players.

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Sancho is literally 20 and is outperforming Messi when he was 20. And Messi has the most Ballon D’Ors in the history of football and is CR7s eternal rival.

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It sounds like to me that the divisions would start shooting eachother with the weapons given. Vikinglaw will travel to another country and be on that team :smiley: .

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I know they have many good players, I’m Scottish so have to put the boot in a little bit :rofl:

Sancho has a long way to go to reach the Messi standards.

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It’s a shame that Norway didn’t qualify though. Haaland doesn’t have much chance of winning the Ballon D’or now.

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I know that, but he’s doing better than Messi when he was 20. The stats from his last two seasons prove this.

All the other Scandinavian countries qualified, not sure if Norwegians would want their neighbours to win? I know the Danes and Swedes have a big rivalry.

Speaking of that, Mbappe might win it if he does well at the Euro.

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I never thought of Haaland, yeah its a pity the best young player in Europe wont show his talents at the tournament.

Thing is, France have the death group.

It will be tight, dont see Hungary getting above France, Germany or Portugal though, do you? 3rd place will be enough to get out that group.

American football is the only good sport. It’s soccer you are referring to, NOT FOOTBALL.

Actually go die in a hole.

lol no sorry, you’re wrong. Football started in England. Americans need to accept this :wink:

Exactly. Its called Football, not Soccer. We chose the name Football because we made the sport. Like my Lord said, you Yanks need to accept this.

Let me guess your lord is the queen?

My Lord is Darth Cadet. The Queen didn’t make football…

The Queen is also not described as Lord. The King isn’t even described as Lord. Lord refers to a British noble.