Is vikinglaw banned from the discord?

Is he banned from GAR? I cannot find any of his messages. I feel it was very much unfair for him.

I believe so.


Since when was he banned? He left of his own free will.

He was forced to do that lol.

Yea, I am pretty sure he was forced to do that. Sadly.
Also, Rainy has already proven that he is banned and so far is outright REFUSING to unban him. Because he is “uncomfortable” with that…

What did you want from him?

What? I don’t understand that question…

Did you want him to be unbanned? And for what reason should he return if he has his own TGE?

Hey man, this is not stuff that I want to talk to some rando about. Why do you want him to remain banned?

Okay, I can show you what Vikinglaw said about it.

I know what he said. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t forced to. Have you seen his video on this topic?

I know it’s drama. We don’t need drama, he wants us all to feel sorry for him.

Well, the problem is not in this about his life, but the manipulation of someone who has not played GAR creates such problems and drama.

Or maybe you are not even reading it. Okay, how about we just stop talking about this between each other. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but keep it to your own posts if you are going to say stuff like that. I also feel like you don’t actually understand what happened because you do not care to actually see. It is silly to give your opinion on something you know nothing about.

Viking has a problem supporting his family. It’s not drama. Lots of families are struggling with the current times and government.

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And Viking created all of this. Without him the group would not exist. So give him credit

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I understand Devs fight on stuff but I mean comon both of you…stop making announcements on it, we don’t care just update the God damn game.

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he is says he is uncomfortable with viking rejoining the server because of something viking did that he himself said he had every right to do so. no wonder idc that i got banned from this terrible corrupt gar

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TBH, he kinda got GAR stolen from him essentially, so it’s not like people can call him “unfriendly.”