Is it okay if i put fan art here?

I got banned from the dis because a bot named overwatch was listening to a conversation and i got banned ( that bot had not right to listen to that private conversation btw) and i can’t into discord because i got a tech issue so i had to delete it. i was doing fan art before so is it okay if i post some fan art here?

if i create any fan art gar or any of u wanna use just tell me and u can let u use it if am allowed to put fan art here

Wait. Was the bot reading your DM’s or something?

The bot was doing its job, he was monitoring all conversations to see any inappropriate language or any offensive language.

Can It read what you say outside the GAR servers?

No it can not, That would be an invasion of privacy.

that is what the bot did

i was talking that statyks because me and him were friends before.

Did you say something bad to them because that might have gotten you banned.

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well its been 3 months so i forgot but next thing ik i was going back into the gar server and it said i was banned

Did you make an appeal?

it said to come back in 2 years and my discord had tech issues so i had to delete it

and also when i quit gar i made my raider group server which i can’t see anymore and it has 30 members so RIP

They might have thought you were underaged and banned you.

i guess but their is a bright side.i made my raider group which has 211 members yay!!! Raiders Of Gar

Of course you can, there is no bot here. Just post whatever you want here as long as it is family friendly. If you are involved in deving, I personally would love to see that. lmao.

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i just that my fan art pictures are from the internet but i make them into designs but i will say the pics are not mine.

This was from the my raider group. can u guess what it is?

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Some of those don’t make sense. I mean, why is Darth Vader in one of them? Also some of them have the CIS logo and some have a Mandalorian helmet, so it’s hard to tell if your group is based on the CIS or the Mandalorians.

this is other raider groups in the shirt the one called Raiders of Gar is mine