Intro to Coruscant


If you haven’t been watching many Star Wars movies, most start with an in-space shot of a ship or planet, I just saw @RainyLofi’s intro to Coruscant and thought, "Why not make a movie-like intro to Coruscant?"

It could be an opening for newcomers to the game to check out, leaving an immediate good first impression on what’s to come. Possibly a brand new Star Wars esk track that plays as it pans down from starry space to the world of Coruscant.

After that you could do anything, like a welcome tutorial on what to do and how to play, or literally whatever you’d need for a newcomer.


Rainy’s loading screen:

Basically a shot like this (ONLY the first 10 seconds or so):

Rainy’s intro already has the stars at the end to setup for the opening.

This would only appear for first timers to the game when they join to not annoy regular users.

That’s a very cool idea

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no one is talking here rip

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I’m in VC rn and im bored.

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I’ve already finished half of a 40 minute movie of this game. It’s still a long way to go but it will come soon.

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