Improve the atmosphere of the game

The atmosphere of the game is… lacking and very very boring im going to give you a suggestion about each part of the city (not really) but yeah I want the game to be sweet to the eyes and ears.

The border


Border is to quiet

Add radio chatter that emits from gar the more gar there is in the border the more frequent the radio chatter will become civilian and

Revamp the raid alarm to something more worrying

Add an AI voice that silently plays throughout the entire facility telling people to line up, not to skip, and prepare to answer questions if border alarm is triggered the AI will tell civilians to keep calm


Whenever the border alarm is sounded add red flashing lights

Trooper armor should not be dirty but probably scratched because the only thing troopers should be standing on is metal

In the city:


I recently suggested that the community should create music in the game that plays at shops and other places around the city overlapping each other’s occasionally

Improve speeder sounds


Make lighting appear everywhere

Add “rain”

Add airspeeder noises in the background above your head

Add advertisements telling you to buy stuff

Dockyard: yellow lighting with a lot of caution signs