Immigrants should be able to defend themselves from RKers

Immigrants face a lot of RK, especially gamepasses. If we are unfairly shot we should be able to kill the RKer so we dont die without being killed by Divisionals or GAR.

( Immigrants should be able to defend themselves from RKers, when we are shot and almost killed we should be able to fight back. )


( Video of me being RKed with nothing I can do: Roblox 2/19/2021 9:27:54 PM | 5 Views 👀 | | #1 Free Clip Platform

It’s already allowed to fight back in ‘self-defense’ as long as they shot first. The thing is though, when you decide to fight back, people will think you’re raiding as not everyone will have seen what happened before-hand. Same could be said for Divisionals, us divisionals are constantly being raided to the point where we are so much used to it, that if someone draws a weapon, they will get shot.

When a divisional walks to the border, or starts to look at you just when you do an act of ‘self-defense’, chances are they haven’t seen that you got shot first and thus they end up shooting you too. Divisionals can’t watch over everything at the border at the same time. As unfortunate as it may be.

Ive talked with officers and CG HRs and they say im not allowed. And a few divisionals
witnessed it but still kill me.

I 100% agree with this because there is always troopers just firing at u for no reason and maybe you attack once for fun and stop and they act like they can kill on sight you and ur just being attacked non stop at the bridge and there is also ppl that rk because i admit i have guns but i don’t use them only for raids and self defense so i end up having to kill them and then i’m being shot at and i know this has happened to ppl to and there is also ppl that abuse shotgun in gar there is toxicity so you u might kill them i think gar just should be more aware of them selfs we want to defend our self’s and not be killed by others it’s a simple request because it’s not illegal to do that we have permission to do that but others just don’t listen and most ppl rking by judging ur avatar or if u have jetpack so they say “RAIDER” so I 100% agree with this I do understand they can’t see everything but others must be more aware of what’s happening no matter what ur rank is and you should help them.

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Usually it is the immigrants that play as SF that RK.

I was RK’ed today by about 5 people for fighting in self defence. All of them below sergeant, none of them SF. This was on a good day. It can be way more.

The thing that isn’t fair is that when you kill for self defence the other gar members kill you.

thing is if you have a weapon and the trooper manning the booth lets you into the city they say “no open carry” so if you pull a gun out in the city it results in any trooper killing you
Tyhhipthebest corporal

Thanks for your input.