Im being impersonated?

so im chiiling in discord when @RTY dms me saying he saw me in GAR 2 days ago and that he didnt know i was in a div. if you see someone with my username on gar and they are in a div it isnt me as i cant join a div (not that im interested in joining one) as i was banned from the discord for dm advertising.
(pings) @MeIsC00lGuy2020 @Vatalica

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Vatalica isnt a regular anymore. Best not bother her.

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She was chill, but I’d still like to hear from her. Your friend might’ve forgotten or something, he could’ve possibly seen someone with similar pfp or name.

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They quit cuz lack of getting simped for I believe.

Excuse me? If you want to know why I left and focused on my life rather than trying to bring down someone look here. Athletic trainer performs CPR, saves student who collapsed at Geneva school dance - YouTube

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Emma, get my name out of your mouth. Leave me be. You’re pathetic if you’re hanging onto drama that happened ages ago.

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Just jealous cuz no one even knows who you are.

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Can yall chill. Statyks you are out of line saying stuff like. Even if it’s true it’s not right to say stuff like that. Also, Emma it’s mean to assume things like that without any evidence. And before you even think about calling me a simp i have a girl friend and i have no intention to cheat on her. The forum is meant to be a place where peacful discussions can take place.
@Statyks @Emma

If he wants to come out of the woodwork and say some insulting off the cuff garbage to my misses then I have every right to insult him back. I couldn’t care less about where the line is and whether I’ve crossed it.

i understand what your saying again i have a girlfriend and hate it when someone talk bad behind her back. but you have to control your anger. It’s ok to say something to the person but it doesn’t require you to be rude back as it creates a circle. they’re rude to her so you’re rude to them. then there rude to you and in most cases it leads to a fight.

He didn’t say it behind her back, it was a completely public statement meant to demean her. I don’t care about starting a fight, in fact it would be preferable, as I could probably end up getting them banned again for being a piece of human garbage that stains the planet every time they speak.

there is a way you get them banned without being rude.

Yes, but then he won’t be able to learn what a piece of dog scheisse I think he is, and I’d really like him to know.

yes but there are better ways of doing that. also i speak german

Please stop talking to me… :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:cuff guard

We’re thye vaccinated

I don’t talk to worthless humans who can’t bring anyone down

I don’t talk with trash that can’t speak English properly.

Just avoiding chat filters, could’ve said it in any language.

Wdym? Mister no rank divisionless loser! You’re pouncing to talk to me you little baby…

  • put on ignore list so i cant hear trash speak to me xx
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