I'm banned from the CG to execute an order


Username: (DodoFT34)
Discord: ( DodoFT34#9871 )



I’m banned from the Coruscant Quard, apparently for “abuse of handcuffs”. Everything I did and carried out the order my host gave me. He had told me to put this immigrant in prison, because the latter had interrupted us several times in a row. I have no proof on this subject, except that I can confirm that we were indeed in a patrol, because on the table on the right, there is written “Coruscant Guard” as well as all my teammates.

I have no further evidence regarding there cause to explain. I try to apologize to the next person Jail, especially since I think I would have reacted the same way. (Plus, I think he’s French, like me…)
I would like you to lower me the sanction of 1 month, for having said “Cuffs abuse” especially that I imagine doing the best possible for this honorably beautiful, and prestigious Legion…

Sincerely: DodoFT34)

( I consult the “Blacklist” document to reduce my sanction. )

I never gave you an order. I said: “Do not cuff immigrants.”. I don’t know where you are talking about. I was the host and on that moment I was talking with another GoT. I never told you to cuff an immigrant. So it was not an order. I told you to terminate not to jail the immigrants.

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He never told you to jail the immigrant

G’day, you’ve been blacklisted from CG due to the abuse of your cuffs.
We’ve talked about this in your DM’s, and you’ve been given valid proof.

I talked with the host, and he/she only told you to kill, not to cuff.

If you wish to rejoin the Coruscant Guards, wait 30 days till your blacklist expired.

Best regards,

  • Lieutenant Thire, Waifschu4.