I'll gfx your avatar cause im bored

put your username and ill try my best to get to everyone

Same display name.

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I see someone with the display name givemeyourtoaster. Is that you?

Oh yeah, sorry about that. That is me.

Ok so blender was acting weird and would either block out the color of your face or mess up the stormtrooper helmet so I chose for it to mess up the helmet so it looks better from afar.

Anyway, here it is:

Edit: Here is the lower quality to show you what it would look like if blender wasnt glitching


Am the target avatar.

I have a funny idea for that. I’ll work on it later.

I am fmhpmh. Siddypoo :uwu:

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Lovely. Good job lad.

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If you didn’t get it, someone in the background is trying to shoot your targets.

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i dont do rthro sorry change to r15

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Since when is 20 characters required

@sidthesuperkid87 do mine next

The name’s xvtac

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Ay yo, you a graphic designer? So you also have the contributor role?

I am taking a break but you will be first when I return.