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If you were granted the rank of CO for your favorite division, what would be your first action?

I’d love to hear what you all have to say! Open for discussion!

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I’d allow all my friends into the division, free rank them to the highest possible ranks and start at coup against Viking and therefore take over GAR.


Depends on the division.

So, if I was granted CO for RG, CG or RC, first of all, I would devote everything I could do to and for GAR and would respect all ranks of my division and treat them all equally. I would strictly follow the code of conduct and push my division to the top! I would motivate all my divisional fellows and give them confidence and courage. I love RG and RC because the CO’s of these divisions are like this. (This is just what I would do because I literally am unlucky cos I can never get in a RG or RC tryout).


I would just do my duties as CO.

Hop in game with my sweet morph and commander name and have troopers come and say OMG its CO of this division!


Put all the officers and HICOM through an academy and fire those who fail. Start a tryout schedule and redo anything I dislike. I would redo the handbooks so I know exactly what my guys are doing, and then I would start to enforce a decent quota and engage with my guys more. That is the key to a good leader, engaging with you peers.


Well said.
20 characters moment.

March through corcusant in my shiny new morph and do some formations.

I will post people because Cadets, Troopers and Specialists do not go to post.

I would host a massive patrol to celebrate by ranking of Legion Commanding Officer

(If I did get a Commanding Officer rank one day)

I would be really happy. I am in love with the Commander Fox morph so badly. I would definetly use it, without a doubt. My first thing probably would be to host a welcome event, a huge patrol or something. After that, I would do my best to stay in that position.

POV: PhoenixBonds :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Yeah, pretty much.
Twenty letters gang.

i would make a division where rank is based on an individuals skills and strength and where you dont get kicked for inactivity (not afk you get kicked for afking.)
-tyhhipthebest corporal GAR

So you’re saying it’s wrong for divisional leaders to kick members who are presumably dead?

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well not everyone can play all the time

I’m not saying that they have to play all the time. I’m just saying that if they can’t play enough to meet their quotas, they shouldn’t have joined the division.

You also don’t have to play all the time to meet activity quotas. I used to be a duchy member in HRE, and I would play for an hour or two on weekdays and occasionally on weekends and not just meet my quotas, but usually get enough activity points for a promotion.

I don’t think that my fav divisiln have CO.