If you could have any gamepass from the GAR shop whitch one would I be?

Personally I would like force destroy. What do you guys want?

Force choke would be my choice.


Shotgun, my all time favourite. Great damage great spread and deals with raiders just fine.

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i would get force destroy


I would get the boom box I’m not an aggressive kind of guy

if off sale included it would be elite blaster or super blaster

Jet Pack, take me to the clouds above.

Force Destroy cause I need it to combine with Force Alter

force jump, missed it twice

I would choose one of the powers. Force destroy can kill other people near to the victim and that would count as tk. I like force choke because:

  1. It looks cool when you choke somebody.
  2. It doesn’t kill other people near the victim.
  3. You could use it to take booth back without going in.

Exactly why i bought force choke. I would definitely recommend it.

Super blaster because qwerty praises it like a God, I would have chosen forces if it wasn’t nerfed so much, thank the Devs for it.