Idea that pop outa of my head

For every regular gar rank please make a certain color for example, trooper dark green, specialist, dark blue, sergeant dark yellow, staff sergeant dark purple, master sergeant dark red, sergeant major dark orange, and lastly WO dark black, note each rank would have the same pattern to avoid confusion from being mistaken as divisionals in fact there could a tag that says divisonals or just says gar I hope Kurka adds this cause the regular gar morphs are just kinda plain and adding this would have more diversity some of you may disagree with these colors on the ranks but this would be cool.

Mate, the morphs literally just got updated. Plus, this update would get people mixed up with division personnel.


Did u you read it fully I said they would all have dark colored morphs and have a separate tag/pattern and they would have their own pattern different from divisonals, yes, I know they just got updated.

What I’m trying to say is that this will never happen. In the Grand Army of the Republic ranks wore their specific armor for their respective rank. We’re not going to then add the whole rainbow into the enlisted ranks, because it just wouldn’t make any sense.


I guess that make sense, maybe some color on the arms would work.

No, I don’t think so. That would work with phase 1 but not phase 2, the colors for non-divisional GAR should stay as is.