I was banned instantly by anticheat


Opened my computer, joined GAR for less than a second and this message appears. I was about to host a patrol, which makes this unfortunate.
Please help.

I did nothing but join the game.

Note: 5 days, and I would like to host some patrols to keep 91st’s leaderboard status.

I was being kicked from other games too from “Suspicious Behavior.” I am trying to find a solution, but when I do can I please be allowed back?

often games will kick for that sort of thing when you are doing suspicious things, sometimes these things are caused by bad internet

not sure why people are getting banned from inspection place and now coruscant for this though

i dont think it detects like a script injection though because it didn’t ban you for 100 years, but it detected something

Alright, thank you for your help. I will wait the 5 days just to be safe.

Got a reason why it does this.
Theres a single spot in my house where if I open roblox it almost immediately Kicks/Bans me. Basically internet connection making me look suspicious.