I was banned from 327th and the community for taking a joke too far on 327th server.


Username: ( charvol )
Ban reason: ( Im a 13 year old who absolutely loves this game, recently I passed tryouts for the 327th star corps, I had a lot of fun, but made a great mistake of joking about hitting on KYLELSPS which made imyerboi think i’m a pedo, I only did it towards KYLELSPS because I knew he was indeed a 13 year old and is a chill dude which wouldn’t care much about it. I’m sorry for what i’ve sent and I hope you would give me a 2nd chance for me to rejoin this amazing community, and I will guarantee you this type of situation would not happen to me again. )


( I have learnt from my mistakes and I’ll promise you to never say anything offensive jokes like this anymore, i’m deeply sorry for what i’ve said and I would wish to rejoin the community and play like a normal player with my friends i’ve met on GAR. I also spent days on this game and love it very much. )
My message:

Once again, this is entirely a joke, not a serious response.

Please unban me, I spent almost 2 years on this game, and bought a few items with robux.