I want to join the 41st and I'm specialist in rank but I'm not in what do i do?

What can i do to join the 41st im curious because i meet all the requirements

Go to a tryout, and pass it.

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Do you have discord?

I joined the group and joined the discord I bought the storm trooper outfit but they won’t except me as a storm trooper

i have joined the discord

Dude, you have to leave it. Discord as an entire app is 13-year-olds and up only. You can get banned for being underage.

Ye, you should leave now.

Because the outfit you bought is just an outfit, it doesn’t grant you the rank of Clone Trooper.

The groups can not be joined by just pending for them, you have to attend tryouts in the discord.

First of all, it’s a clone trooper. Not a storm trooper, and what do you mean they won’t accept you as a clone trooper?

I think he means the bot didn’t let him into the group yet.

Leave discord and join when you will be 13.