I saw dear evan hansen in august. Here's how it went down

It was either August 23rd or 24th, I woke up and said to myself,
Dear Milo_creator,
Today is going to be a good day, and here’s why, because today you’re seeing Dear Evan Hansen. I’m not sure when we left, but it was bright and early. Somewhere around 9-10 is for sure when we got on. I was on NJ transit up until like 12-1. I’m guessing it took some time for us to get from Penn station all the way to the music box theatre. As we went along like most people living in the Times Square area of manhattan probably know about all the Latinx fruit stands around that area, so we went and got some mangoes. I got them with Tajin and lime juice. That made my day. Now that I’m thinking about I’m remembering that we got to the Music Box Theatre at like 1:06, so we kinda sat (stood up) there for a while. During that while, I saw like, the entire cast walk in. (Entire cast as in the two moms, the dad, the even I believe, and definitely the Connor, and for some reason, during all of that time I didn’t even think to take a picture with these guys. Very upset with myself. I also thought the janitors were a part of the cast for some reason as well) As many of you guys may or may not know, Gaten Mattarazo was actually in the cast at the time. Believe me, I am a fan of stranger things, but it kinda sucked that there were a lot of people there who were just there for Gaten, I’m sure there were, many, and I mean many, who still wanted to see Dear Evan Hansen, but probably didn’t get to, and even though they do shows like every day, things do cost money and stuff, and they fill up quickly. Back from that sad story, sometime in the middle, they put some of the first few people in, yes, we were one of them. we got there very early. The Richard rogers theatre was also next to us, and so was the one where they were putting on one of the last performances of “Come from away”. Little did I know, I would be seeing another broadway show literally next to each other at the Marquis theatre. It’s also fitting because Hamilton is next to it as well, and Marquis De Lafayette, and heh… yeah. (The show was Betelgeuse I’ll write about it next) .
So we eventually got put into this little hallway and I was excited. I literally saw some dad and his 4 daughters have the letters “Gaten” spelled out. That was really just hilarious to me. They didn’t even know if he had time to be there. I was kind of just waiting for them to start putting us in the theatre, and that’s exactly what happened. They let us in and scanned us down, and scanned our tickets. They then told us where to go. And holy crap, the lady was like,
“Okay, so you’re going to be Row A, in the front, have a good day” and handed us our Playbills.
And that was the moment I realized I had front-row seats to Dear Evan Hansen, Center stage as well. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I was the happiest little Milo_creator there was. Gaten Matarazzo was supposed to be in the cast but as I opened the playbill 2 little slips came out, one of which said Jared Kleinman will be played by Matthew Edward Kemp. He had also Allegedly played Evan before but that’s kinda what an understudy is like. My Connor was hysterical. Everyone was great at their job. I’m not gonna say too much about the show but it’s hilariously gay. When we got out of the theatre the cast walked directly in front of us and started walking. I started recording but forgot to get in the video. This is one of my hugest life regrets lol. I still have the video. I MENA I DIDN’T EVEN ASK FOR AN AUTOGRAPH (I ALOS DIDNT HAVE A PEN) after that whole mess I went out with my family to some restaurant called “bareburger” it was great lol.


I can’t believe I read that but it’s great that you had a nice time.

Yo I’m in NJ!! Nice to see your nearby.