I saw a trooper with a DC-15s

Yesterday I saw a trooper with a DC-15s. I am just wondering, does this mean that the guns are changing?

I’m pretty sure they are not. You have probably seen the Super Blaster. This is a blaster for Red Guards, and it has been a game-pass. This is a gun that you can buy at the exclusive arms dealer in Coruscant. It’s way stronger than the Blaster Rifle.

So no, I assume that if they will change the Development Team would keep us updated. But I understand the confusion as the Super Blaster has the same model as the Original DC-15s from the Clone Wars Series and the Movies.

And to be honest, in my opinion, it would probably look more realistic if the Blaster Rifle got the Super Blaster model as it would look way more as it does in the movies.

I hope this answers your question!

Is that the shotgun?

It’s not a game pass anymore.

It does not necessarily remember that the fifth gift of the tree was a dc-15, perhaps it has not been connected since then therefore it has not died and it has not lost it or it was burned and it does not lose it by dying. I have a capture with the blaster if I find it I put it.

What you have probably seen is a trooper that got an item from the Bunny’s basket which was a gamepass on the 2021 Easter Egg holiday event. With that item you can place a basket down to the ground, that basket will be pickable up by pressing “E” for longer term and it will give you a random weapon from in-game. It can be only blaster, which means no lightsabers or jetpacks or force powers. Other players/friends can pick that basket up which makes the game fun, as you it reacharges every 5 minutes. You can get really cool weapons for a single life. Its a really dangerous things in the hand of newbies without the knowledge of the rules though. That basket is kind of like the Santa gamepass, which could put a present on the ground and give the same weapons. It can give you different variations of blasters, miniguns, pistols, rifles, shotguns. Its a pretty fun item, and its not that rare to see, at least on the Easter event it was not rare at all. If you have further questions please, feel free to reply or ping me in here (As on discord I am currently banned)