I have been globaly blacklisted for almost a month now. *REPOST*

Username: Da_BananzaBroz
Discord: The Bananza#5606


Good Afternoon, about a Month ago I was Globaly blacklisted for alting. At the time I did not know this was wrong and have learnt from my mistakes. That account is no longer in use and I have tryed to leave no trace of it. All I want to do is go into recruitments and finally have a chance to experience GAR at its fullest.
Kind Regards The Bananza

( What has happened just before you were blacklisted? )
( What document were you viewing? )

Your account is not blacklisted in the documents system.

Please note this category should only be used to get help related to the documents system (https://docs.gar.systems/) blacklists. If your topic is about something else, you should delete it.
Otherwise please wait for moderator’s response.