I have a great idea for raiders!

Remember when GAR has been getting all these insane buffs? Like getting Super blasters, Golden blaster rifle, Lightsabers, and Force fields? Well I think it is time that raiders get a buff. You should give groups that are KOSed like Redacted raiders, Snake eyed raiders, Confederacy of independent systems free blaster rifles. I think this is a good idea because nobody wants to not have anything to raid with while being in a KOS group.

Developers please think about adding this to coruscant.
Thank you for reading!

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this is a horrible economic idea especially considering that every raid group has members with guns lol

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There’s no point, everyone in these raid groups are already armed to the teeth with OP weapons already.

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No, you might as well give everyone a free blaster rifle at that point. Or you might as well make an entire official raider division with ranks that display ingame and give those people free blaster rifles.

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Yes, this is a smart idea, because GAR have basically 2 healthbars (with their forcefeilds) so us raiders should get something to counter it.

Well, thats sometimes true, but not every raider has OP guns and also a lot of GAR have OP guns as well.

I don’t know what universe you are in but your team has forcefields, super blasters, golden blaster rifles and lightsabers. They even gave RC and ARC forcefields. Which is pretty broken. RC and ARC are meant for combat. What would you do if you were going up against 50 RC’s and 10 ARC’s with forcefields?

Raiders got a massive nerf. They can easily get KOS for self defending against a random killer GAR member. And after KOS they get AOS for massive killing GAR. This is why I will never join GAR again because GAR wont have a challenge and raiders will just spend time in jail. If all raiders are gone then who will fight GAR? No one because GAR will just lose a lot of good players and it will just die. Raiders will just quit coruscant and move to something different.

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I think this could be problematic because new troopers might become much more unwilling to take chances. This might result in them RKing, restricting the bank lobby. making the game much more inaccessible to new players because of the the heightened amount of people that would be able to PVP more. Also this might also cause a lot more Sk at all spawns.

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Isnt super blaster purchasable for everyone during christmas?

This is a bad idea, almost every raider in a raiding group has many gamepasses. Also, Super blaster and lightsabers aren’t GAR only. If someone is in a raiding group without gamepasses you shouldn’t even be in one. Also, the forcefields aren’t even that strong. You can easly destroy the forcefields with 2 shots so i don’t know what your complaining about.