I have 61 of power but I am a cadet!

Description Help me! I have 61 of power but I am a cadet! Can someone help me?

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did you buy 60 power

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No, i didn’t buy 60 power

Now i’m banned FOR 6 HOURS because i leave the server meanwhile i was cuffed ;( Help me pls!

well you left the server while cuffed not my issue

But I continue to be a cadet

Well, this bot just doesn’t want to work, because I also had problems, although you checked in the GAR group, if your rank changes there, then this is probably a bug in the game, and also try to update the rank in the discord it can work.

Try to type ;update in the bot command channel in discord.


You can solve this by going to the Discord communications server bot commands channel and doing:
;power [your-username] update

Make sure to remove the square brackets and replace that with your roblox username.