I got scammed out of 3k+ robux (refund please)


I bought force destroy, and it won’t work, please help. I even tried to rejoin

I try to click on players, but it won’t work and won’t kill them, I try to hold click, and nothing! I would like a R E F U N D


I can’t send videos on youtube, but here’s a link of proof: robloxapp-20220418-0842596

Roblox username: Alessio_s3

If you’ve got it it will be in your Roblox inventory, under gamepasses, if it isn’t and you actually have bought check your transactions. And you don’t get refunds it’s in the guidelines.


You’re most likely just on cooldown. After using it, you have to wait a little before you can use it again.

Also, Roblox does not support refunds. Please see roblox’s guidelines.

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