I got banned for spawnkilling a TKer who was also RKing

Username: ( Mennovhoof )
Ban reason: ( Spawnkilling a Trooper 1x who kept RKing/TKing )
Trooper i’m talking about is : HISM4JESTY


( This trooper kept on RKing Immigrants, after that he kept on killing me, He only showed that footage of me killing him at spawn because he kept Rking and killing me, Shortly after a CG jailed him for that. )

I do not have any proof, but hopefully you can look in Logs and see him getting jailed.
From this point on I will record my gameplay, incase any accidents will happen again.


I am sorry this happened to you.
You should not have spawnkilled the trooper, rather you should have just waited for the CG to do their job.

Status: Denied :x:

Best regards,