I got banned for missunderstanding [CLOSED]


Username: ( MEKEKAKKOOK )
Discord tags : ( 0171 )
Discord Id: ( Wakanda)
Ban reason: ( Misleading someone into posting pornographic content )


I’m so sorry [email protected](Admin) I thought the Off-topic group was for fun or you can make some mess I know he asked me if he can post lewd but I think the lewd he was telling was a meme and I was right its was a meme and were having a little joke but not bad jokes I didn’t even know that the off-topic has rules too so I’m so sorry pls unban I really want to get in the division I’m just waiting for my recruitment so I spend some time talking and having fun to others but I’ve made the biggest mistake I’m really sorry plss give me an another chance

(the reason why we should unban you )
I really like the community in discord and the game i really want to get the division and I’m so sorry for making a huge mistake sincerely Sir [email protected] pls unban me

So you posted NSFW content despite the rules telling you not to. Actions have consequences, NSFW content will not be tolerated in the community. Therefore, your appeal is denied.