I couldn’t think of a title

Ok so on a scale of 1-10 how well known am I throughout gar

  1. You aren’t in GAR to become famous.

You’re in GAR to not only become more disciplined and mature, but also make friends. Even though playing a Roblox group for fun might sound dumb, it has actually taught me a lot of great things that I can use in my real life regarding respect and maturity.

So please, do not go around asking people “How well known am I?” as it shows that you’re only in here to become popular, and when you’re only doing something to become popular, then it won’t work out.

Da heck I would put a 9

Lol if you don’t know wolf doesn’t mean he isn’t known my guy.

I think I have seen you like once or twice so probably like a 2.

I think 1000000000000000

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Like 8

I need 20 letters so

That’s not what he said. He made a good point.

I’ve seen your face everywhere in GAR Discord so 10/10.