I become division officer in HRE

Yus yus am knight in Bavaria in HRE

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Congrats on Bavaria Knight!

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20characters re

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Yeah fr, I strongly dislike this guy.

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Clearly, you’ve been disabled from the forums, for a while on a little “respite” so if you payed any attention at all to some of my previous posts you’d understand.

nah bruh i wont read ur previous posts

What is HRE lol. TGE is where it is at.

HRE is better than games like GAR and TGE, all you do in those is stand around on a post unless you’re in a division, in HRE you don’t have to post whether you’re in a division or not, and there’s lots of fun things to do. You can mine to create weaponry and armour, join factions, capture points, join divisions etc.

Yeah, compared to GAR, TGE, etc., HRE definitely has a lot more going for it.

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HRE left with Viking go to HRE with this

Just hosted my first event! It was a combat training, and it was pretty fun!

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There’s a reason it’s in off-topic, idiot.

Thanks idiot 2 :slight_smile: for being so nice