I am not underaged, overwatch is broken I was supposed to be unbanned. I cannot even tell if I am perm banned [CLOSED]


Username: ( rooski44 )
Discord: ( rooski44#6439 )
Ban reason: ( Underaged? Or I really don’t know, I am banned for litteraly no reason, I am 13 and a half years old and banned for no reason. )


First of all I love CG, the community everyone, and all it took was one greedy kid to report me for. UNDERAGED? Because I blew his base up because I was payed in Minecraft too. By the way this person is 11 so what the hell. I got banned for blowing something up and a moderator raging.

I am just tired, annoyed, I put in an appeal in december they said I would be unbanned and look who never got unbanned from the discord! Me!

Unfortunately, the reason you got banned was DM advertisement, not being underaged. Until more information is provided as to why you should be unbanned, your appeal will be denied due to failing to follow the rules.