I am leaving gar and forums permanently…

Well I never thought this message would happen…

Well it’s time for a reason

I am leaving because of my loss of interest in the group The group is full of idiots and it’s a complete mess that the devs turn a blind eye to. and the forums is not doing to good there are no interesting topics there are no fun interactions I have no reason to stay

@BobTheBuilder get recognized

@milo_creator cya on the other side

@Sidthesuperkid871 cool guy

@KKzuk i still want to break your legs

@MeIsC00lGuy2020 bye my inspiration

@Casabowie good opinions

Well if I forgot you idc but hey with the slightest chance I may be back but might not

Bye bye

This is @jameshall1 and @jameshall signing off


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This is my final message :smiley:

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goodbye didnt talk much but good luck.
-tyhhipthebest sergeant GAR

Bye bro! Enjoy life, you deserve it.

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you were allright will miss you.

i feel so loved that you didnt even mention me

Oof sorry @The_Third_Guard bye my friend: )


I will miss seeing your epik activity ingame, and your beautiful topics and poems. o7, @jameshall1

Well good sir I feel like I actually belonged here but that’s just like spitting on my grave well I hope someone says that you are toxic, racist, sexist, homophobic, hater, idiot, and much more also I’m flagging you…

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dnc + just leave my dude, no one will miss u.

Ok? Yet I have a question did your parents not love you or something? You seem like it

tbh idk why ur asking but yes they gave me love, i dont think u can understand what being loved is since ur parents did the exact opposite, but yeah.

Can you *ucking shut up maybe you should stop sending messages like this? Like if you dont care then just shut up and ignore this thread

no cant do that sorry.

Imagine being so toxic that you make fun of yourself lol

In all seriousness, nobody cares about your awful comments and toxicness. Get a life, opa. Seriously.

I look forward to seeing you post nicer comments.

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i do have a life lmaoo

btw who are u lol

not ur dad with milk sorry


ofc not lol, but u still didnt answer who u are

Bro what’s your problem? Why you so aggressive? Relax.