How we can improve division's

So I had been thinking about this clearly and I was wondering why does each division get their own unique weapons/ gadget.

As an example 7th it is known for it’s elite Airborne so why doesn’t airborne get their own special jetpack, It could also just be a jump pack but something that lets them stand out more. I know there is already a jetpack but this jump pack/ whatever you guys want it to be make it so that it doesn’t act as good as a jetpack so you could decrease the fuel by 60% and make it so that only the people in the airborne company can get it, and when they leave they lose it. And for the 104th battalion get a walkie talky allowing their team work to improve across the map. (Hopping that these changes will be added when the new map comes out with a larger map and more places to go and do stuff, divisional personal should get something to make them more appealing to people.)

It could be a lamer version of a jetpack or a jump pack or something allowing them to hover. Just something that stands out. I know this is difficult but if each division is special in it’s own way wouldn’t that make people want to play more? (and make sure that the tools are not op like the shotgun and etc…)

I don’t really have anything like a picture or a source it is just a suggestion.

Divisions do get special tools but I understand what you are trying to say. RG gets super blaster and the guard pike. CG gets shock pike, Riot Company gets the shield, some divisions get clearance 4 and 3 (I think). There is also a system in place that gives the top 3 most active divisions special gear. The most active divisions can get the heal gun and the golden blaster rifle.

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Yeah but than people will most likely want to join larger divisions so they can get those things, and what about other divisions like the 104th, they have not gotten the golden gun in a long time.

Okay. It would be cool if medical companies had the a permanent medi-gun.

Yea, but I was also thinking that each division has something that they like to stand out for, the 7th Airborne, 104th Team work or the howlers etc… and the top companies in the division gets the befits.

Or if it goes that way than the vip protector companies like the ghost in 7th, Magenta in 187th…etc… gets a weaker version of a sniper or a shotgun or an energy shield that breaks when having to much punishment and needs to recharge with a cooldown.