How to rob bank (Tutorial)

Hello! My name is snab and I’ll teach you how to rob the bank properly :).

(sorry for my grammar, I speak Spanish)

1- Go this way and go to the arms dealer near the bank.

2- Get weapons to be able to face anyone who comes
(if you already have weapons by gamepasses you can skip this part).

3- Go to the entrance of the bank and kill anyone there without being seen
(if it is free of people, just pass).

4- Go to this area that has a table.

5- Go to the entrance to the control area, there you must press a button that says “interact”.

6- go back near the entrance to the bank, you will see that the lasers are gone and then you can enter the area.

7- follow the path and you will see the bank vault, there will be a c4 and you must click.

8- behind you there will be an area, you must go there to get away from the c4 and avoid dying from the explosion.

9- go to the already destroyed part and you will see that your money will start to rise, you must collect the amount you want
(above it says when you have collected and the limit)

10- defend yourself from every soldier and person who comes
(I will leave combat tips below)
always stay in cover and shoot from the entrance to each person there is, if you see them approaching, leave the entrance and go to the back, then crouch down and shoot, jump and do this repeatedly, so it is difficult for them to kill you, if you see that someone has a lightsaber move away and start shooting from a distance, if it doesn’t work for you, then jump and shoot at the back and finally, if you see there are too many people I recommend you to face them if you think you can or just run with V and leave the bank.

11- Once you collect all the money, leave the bank immediately.

12- and ready, enjoy your money buying apartments and weapons to organize more fun robberies or live a life of luxury in coruscant
(I recommend you to start hiding as you will have a high amount of bounty if you kill many people)

that’s all, I hope I helped you and that you learned how to rob the bank in a good way, I’m sorry if I wrote some things wrong or confusing, my native language is not English and I try hard to correct everything wrong, also, when I use a translator I don’t always translate well.


something funny that happened to me while I was doing this tutorial was that someone just did a startup server, I didn’t realize it and I kept doing the tutorial and then howard came and killed me, I left the apartment and told him that I was doing a tutorial and not to interrupt the event I went to another server to continue doing the tutorial.


Nice Tutorial btw

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