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How to raid Coruscant

Opening Statement

Greetings, this is a guide on how to be a raider on Coruscant. Once you join the game as a immigrant you will earn credits while your playing. I will go over how to get weapons and raid like a pro.

- Weapon Locations

There are multiple arms dealers throughout the map and some that are exclusive to immigrants. Some cost credits and some are robux. Credits can buy multiple items but do not sell all items as any item can be bought with robux. When buying from these dealers it is important to note that the weapons you buy only are available to get for 24 hours. If you plan to play for a day or just need a weapon but do not have enough credits you can buy it with robux at a cheaper price for 24 hours. If you die and bought a weapon from a arms dealer you will need to go to a arms dealer that has the weapon you bought and collect it.

Immigrant spawn arms dealer

Confederacy spawn arms dealer (The Mandalorian, Count Dooku, B1 Raider, and B2 Commander spawn here)

General Grievous arms dealer (Expensive powerful items for 24 hours)

Bank arms dealer

Permanent Robux weapons

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Permanent weapons can be bought on the game page or in game on the top left corner of your screen. You can also buy pets and speeders that can be equipped after buying. The weapons and forces you buy will stay in your inventory when you join in game.

- Raiding tips and strategies

Being a new or old member of this game it can be hard to raid based on certain circumstances but as a pro raider I can share ways to get better and improve your raiding experience.


The map is quite big and it isn’t hard for a ton of gar to be an overwhelming force if you raid alone. If you raid on your own you have plenty of ways to raid but the two main ones from my perspective are rampage and stealth.


Rampaging means going all out and the best weapons to do so with are lightsabers and shotgun. You go straight towards them and start shooting and slicing them down. if your getting attacked from GAR in a farther distance your best bet is to use other weapons like blaster rifle minigun and also use saber block to not take damage.


Being a Stealth person can be easy or hard to do depending on where and how many people are nearby. These people use sniper rifle saber and minigun. They will try to take down people from afar with sniper but if there are a few gar nearby and nobody else is watching they can quickly strike with lightsaber and minigun to take out GAR easily and hide or run away.


Their a multiple ways to raid and you can also raid casually but always remember that sometimes you may need to work in a group in which there are many groups willing to help and raid with you.

Tips to raiding

The immigrant spawn is the main spawn where most spawn and the bridge is the first step to getting into city. Sometimes there may be patrols or GAR that are at the end of the bridge. You want to be sure to make it through the bridge and then attack in the middle since the bridge is narrow and easy to be shot at.

The Confederacy spawn or the spawn way in the back of the map is where most of the immigrant morphs spawn.(The Mandalorian, Count Dooku, B1 Raider, and B2 Commander) It has its own arms dealer that sells items for credits so combine your morph with other weapons to gain a better range in defeating gar in close or ranged combat.

The tunnel entrance is next to the border on the bottom if you go beneath the bridge. This tunnel is long but leads straight to the bank and arms dealer that allows you to buy weapons for credits. You need clearance 4 to enter so you may need to buy it or get a friend to help you out but this makes it a lot easier to get into the city and rob the bank.

Make use of the barricades and gates, the game has a function where you can not constantly jump and so you need to wait to jump again. Try to use corners or other walls to help cover yourself from being shot at.

If you see someone killing you unjustified report them to the forums with proof such as a recording. This helps more people get a better chance at playing the game from people who ruin the experience by random killing or spawn killing.

- Raiding rules

There a few rules stated in GAR that you cannot do these as a raider and some as GAR. Breaking these rules result in power loss or temporary bans in game and constantly breaking may result in permanent bans.

Off-duty raiding

Off-duty raiding is when you raid while in a gar morph which is in your GAR rank morph, Special Forces, and Yoda. Doing this has the harsh punishment of being demoted to the lowest power of your rank. If you do this as a divisional you will most likely get harsher consequences. Use a immigrant morph if your in gar and if you do not have any just leave the group until your done.


This one is mainly easy to understand but for further classification using hacks and scripts to raid and attack GAR is against the rules and there is also a Anti cheat in place to catch most people using exploits. If you are found and reported of exploiting you can get permanently banned from Coruscant.

Spawn killing

Spawn kill is when you kill someone inside the Spawn box. If you spawnkill inside the GAR border spawn or at FOB at the end of the hall then its considered spawn kill. Doing this will result in a one day ban.

Raiding a official event

Raiding a official event such as a Server start up or a divisional patrol if you raid them at FOB you are going against this rule. You are able to be jailed by a Coruscant guard or officer. If there is an officer or HICOM expect them to give longer jails and sometimes you may even be kicked from the game. At the start at an SSU you may be jailed if you raid it.


KOS means kill on sight and can be given by killing many gar, raiding patrols, and raiding server start ups. You may also get KOS from joining raid groups with the KOS tag. AOS means arrest on sight, this is given to people who commit mass murder and from punishments from other laws in the GAR Trello. It can also be issued by GAR HICOM

To see any other laws you can click this to go to it :point_right: Trello you must be registered by the Grand Army of the Republic bot to read it.


Thanks for reading, I hope you learned a thing or two from here and anything here may be changed from time to time. I wanted this to be helpful not only to those with robux but with those without. I hope to see some of you in game doing your best. Goodbye! :wave:

Great tutorial! I hope that raiders will read this and follow the rules. Game is fun when everybody follows the rules and do not spawn kill or random kill others. However, consider changing text from bold to normal and leave only important information bold so it looks better. Still, good job dude :+1:.


Thanks for the feedback I will change and add some things in the weekend to make it look better.


This is great for new people, but anyone with common sense should know all these rules


Well yeah thats why its a tutorial for new people.


Nice tutorial, good job man.

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Professional tips from professional raider.


teaching new gens how to play the game ok

Being a raider who follows the rules is important. It makes it easier for everyone and also doesn’t get you in trouble.

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I editted your post to make it not all bold

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Yea thx i noticed earlier

Well written, its truly good and well explained.

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