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How to properly perform your duties as GAR


Greetings, this is a guide on how to properly performing your duties as GAR member. Once you will rank up your duties and expectations towards you will change. I will go over ranks and their duties. If you have questions regarding this tutorial ask them in comments - I will be happy to answer them.

E1 - Cadet

Once you join the group you will be ranked as cadet, this is the lowest rank in the game but it’s very important because you have to learn the basics of this game. You will receive clearance 1 to open basic doors. Your duties are to stay on post. Posts are spread all over the map and they look like this:
Zrzut ekranu (833)
You are expected to learn the basics of the game as well as the rules to prevent any Random Killing or Team Killing. If you’re not sure about something ask someone with higher rank or divisional about that.

E2 - Trooper

This is the second rank in this game. You will receive a weapon at that rank - hand blaster, so you can terminate immigrants that leave permitted immigrant line or kill raiders. You have similar duties to cadet - you must stay on post and defend the border. When there is no threat you must stay on the post, leave it only when you see raider nearby to terminate them or when the bank is robbed. You are expected not to RK or TK with received hand blaster, if you do so you can get demoted back to cadet. Remember that you can get demoted from higher ranks too if you break the rules.

E3 - Specialist

That rank comes up with new duties and items. You will receive blaster rifle instead of your hand blaster as well as clearance 2 key card. You’re duties are staying on post or running a booth. Only you and ranks above are allowed to enter the booth or area where immigrant answers questions.
Area pass the first green frame door is considered as booth area:

This is the area where immigrant answers questions:

If there is a trooper or cadet inside that areas, ask divisional for help - do not terminate them yourself. However, if there is immigrant or raider inside area pass green doors you may terminate them. Inside the booth you will see a console with a few buttons - city gate controls, border gate controls, passport, next, detain, granted, denied and lockdown. The console looks like this:

These are the questions that you should ask immigrant:

There should be at least 1 specialist or someone with higher rank in area where immigrant stands so they can terminate immigrant if they answer wrong.

Immigrant can be terminated if:

  1. They don’t answer to questions.
  2. They’re reason of entry is raiding / killing GAR / robbing bank.
  3. They refuse to show their passport.
  4. They answer “Confederacy” in 4th question.

Open the first door and click “next”, wait for immigrant to get in and close the gate. If immigrants get in the second one may be terminated or escorted back to the line. Then proceed to ask questions. You may click “passport” when you want immigrant to show it. If they should be terminated click “denied” and ask personnel on other side to terminate immigrant. If they answer correctly, click “granted” and open the gate to the city. Do NOT keep both gates open because other immigrants may use that moment to pass border illegaly. If immigrant tries to escape the zone you may click “detain” and close the door. If immigrant have killed everyone in questioning area then click “lockdown” and notify others to help terminate them.

In booth, you may also watch cameras. Cameras can be accessed here:

E4 - Corporal

As corporal, you have the same duties as specialist. You must either post, run a booth or watch cameras in booth.

E5 to E9 - Sergeant to Warrant officer

As a sergeant or ranks above you don’t have to post or run a booth anymore. When you stay at the border you should help other soldiers by answering their questions or helping them to fight raiders. You can do the same things as specialist (post, run a booth, watch cameras) as well as patrol the city alone and watch over tunnel to make sure that they’re safe from raiders. You can also stay at the bank to prevent robberies or watch the whole city cameras in FOB. You can access them here:

You can issue alarms by pressing these red buttons. Alarm sounds in area where cameras were located:

That’s all. I believe I helped you understand how to properly perform your duties as a GAR. If you think I missed something or made mistake tell me in the comments so I can change it.

Troopers can also go into the terminal to kill unaccepted immagrints.

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No, only specialist and ranks above may enter that area. If you don’t believe me then DM officer or CG HICOM about that.


Oh, I always see troopers in there and no one says otherwise. Now I know.

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Wow! Amazing detailed post! Good job dude!


I always don’t know what “Detain” and “Lockdown” button do, Thanks so much!

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This is exactly what these buttons do:

  • “Detain” just pulls everybody a little into the room so you can trap them using door. I learned about it when raider did that to me.

  • “Lockdown” is more of an alarm button. It doesn’t close all doors, it’s there to inform people about danger.


Amazing KKzuk I agree this


You always continue to impress me bud. I love that your in CG as well.


Honestly never knew those red buttons sounded alarms lol


Amazing tutorial, kinda fun to read too.


Wow! Nice tutorial. I already knew this + I’m a raider but it was still pretty cool to read.


Can you do one about divisionals?

Divisionals have their own duties which you will learn about upon joining specific division. I don’t know what duties each division has and I’m probably not even allowed to leak such information.