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How to pass a tryout and not get kicked

Hello everyone!

This is a continuation of the “How to join a division!” tutorial, which you can access here: How to join a division!

When you meet requirements to join a division and enter the tryout there are some rules that you must know if you don’t want to get kicked. I will explain basic rules of the tryout that you must follow in order to pass.

1. Remove packages

Your roblox avatar have a lot of customization options. Some of these options have to be set up in a specific way for tryout. Body type packages MUST be removed before entering the tryout, otherwise you will get kicked. I will show you how your avatar should look for tryout (body type):

  • Correct :white_check_mark::

Good body type

  • Incorrect :x::

Wrong body type v1

Wrong body type v2

2. Don’t try to exploit

If you try to bring any hacks into tryout such as aimbot, wallhack etc. you will get kicked from tryout and blacklisted. It may be obvious but there are cases of people that violated that rule so I explain it here. Host of tryout will use anti cheat to check if no one is cheating so don’t think that it wouldn’t be noticed.

3. Meet requirements

Requirements, which are listed in tryout shouts will get checked so before you even join tryout make sure that you meet all of the requirements. If your account needs to be 350 days old then don’t join if it’s 300 days old, if you need specialist rank to join it then don’t join if you’re trooper or cadet, same goes for other requirements. It’s worse to join tryout without meeting all the requirements that failing on other phases.

4. Be mature and ask PTS if it’s enabled

When you join tryout you should be standing where the host tells you to. Do not roam around, use emotes or push others. Instead, stay on your spot and wait for further instructions. If the host tells that PTS is enabled then you must ask for permission to speak. If you speak without permission you may be kicked for breaking PTS. When you want to speak spell out PTS by saying “Permission to speak, sir?”. If the host says that PTS will be denied, don’t ask PTS as it’s pointless.

That’s all. If you follow the rules listed above and meet requirements during specific tryout phases you will pass it and join division. If you think that I missed something / you have something to add yourself then let me know in the comments down bellow :arrow_down:.

Thank you so much, I already knew how to not fail, but still helped.

TR;DR: Use common sense