How to not be a buckethead

Here’s a few tips for people starting GAR, and maybe even some who have been playing for some time.
yes, i stole the title, shhhhhh…

  1. Don’t shoot everyone you see, it annoys everyone and you’ll just end up getting killed.
  2. Stay on your damn post until you’re a Sergeant, exceptions are when the people in gray and wearing a gray cap tell you what to do.
  3. Don’t ask for the name and planet of immigrants, it’s useless. Until you have a weapon, you’re a waste of space.
  4. If a raider kills you and they respawns because they died, do not kill them unless they take out their weapons.
  5. Follow what the people with paint tell you to do, unless it violates the above.

Hopefully some people can learn from this, but I don’t really expect that much. Not a lot of people visit the forums unless they’re appealing something.

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I see so many specialists and corporal thinking they are smarter than me saying that I am doing “line duty” wrong.

How to not be a buckethead part 2

  1. Do not be annoying by spamming post. At least listen to what the person has to say
  2. Do not force people to their deaths with post. Died many time as CG forced me to post and they did not kill the sniper that was shooting at me. Only left post to survive.
  3. Follow what PixelTactix said
  4. Be nice
  5. Just do not be a buckethead.

(Do not take this seriously, this reply is a joke, not the official post)