How to make a report [PROPERLY]

Salutations GAR, before I get into the tutorial I’d just like to make a few quick disclaimers before I go further. None of the below stated will have anything to do with problems on discord. For that, you should reach out to people in the RI server if it’s something big. (High Treason, leaking tryouts, underage members in divisions, harassment or bullying [on a severe level]) Without further ado, let’s get started.

You’ve just submitted a report about a guy who random killed and immigrant. However a mod might see it but realize that theirs no proof that it was random, the guy could have been killing several others just before that but came on frame a few seconds later. The mod tells you that your report was invalid and tells you to have a nice day. You sigh in your chair and then descending from the heavens is the angel- Milo_creator he’s got that cupid look to him. “Do not worry little newgen! I have come to rescue you from your uh- uhmm… Newgeniness!”
“Rescue me?”

Be aware of the rules

When you’re making a report it’s important to be aware of the actual rules and sneak arounds. For example, if you’re a GAR member reporting team-kill and let’s just say that you and your friend were team killed it wouldn’t count because theirs no point in giving them an extra punishment when the Anti-TK system already exists. However if you catch someone killing a divisional as a GAR member (GAR kills Divisional) then that report would be valid. Divisionals get a privilege where if they get killed, it can be reported as TK. Especially during a patrol. However if a divisional starts going on a rampage and just starts killing every single (person) GAR in sight (like ur mom when you stay up on x-box too late) you might want to record it- this may be on duty raiding. A lot of youtube channels. (Most notably, MrMangow) will have all these alt accounts and just keep passing tryout after tryout, so they troll on divisional accounts, like spamming RG pikes, or abusing cuffs, or just overall teamkill. If this kind of thing gets to you, don’t let it. It’s just people looking for content. Speaking of content, know whats actually reportable. THE REPORTABLE ARE FOLLOWING

Random killing, On duty raiding (GAR Raiding in Yoda or SF morph), Divisional or Officer abuse (That goes from thigns like abusing anti tk or jailing everyone), Div disrespect, Harassment/severe trolling, Spawn killing, exploiting, just about everything thats on the discord server actually.

Rules can be found on the info board on the discord server as well as links

Record the incident

Do that. Record it with visible proof. (Tip: if your about to kill someone with a bounty, I do reccomend recording the incident with a clip of the bounty on their head so that if a report ever comes out you can use that clip but the officers should actually deny the clip instantly if it doesn’t show the bounty board )

Report the incident

Go to the forum and report it. Don’t say, DM me for proof, itts gonna be invalid. Find a way to do it.

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