How to join a division!


  1. No safe chat! Your ROBLOX account has to be 13+ in order to not have safe chat.
  2. A discord account!
  3. Must be in the GAR discord!
  4. Your ROBLOX account have to be 200 days old or more (depends on division)!
  5. Must have a computer!

Once you have these requirements, you can join tryouts once they are posted in the #recruitment channel.

Please keep in mind, any information in the tryout is private and you must not share it outside the tryout.


  • “Can I join a division on mobile?” - No, you cannot.
  • “What are the requirements for the tryouts?” - A computer, and a good attitude. Other requirements are posted with the tryout by the host.
  • “Can I be in two divisions at once?” - No.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on this thread!

  • OfficerKiller, Moderator

Thank you! I don’t have to copy-paste my response now lol.


Excellently explained!


How do I make posts on this topic? I can’t select Community Tutorials and not sure how to post here.


Its locked for officer+ right now but hopefully trusted members can post here soon!


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Ok… Uhmm… Cool?.. What does that have to do with this topic…?

Mels, if you’re talking to NJC, they’re suspended until March 8 2022.

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Ohhh, I didn’t notice haha. Sorry.

Haha, all good.
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You might not be in the roblox group. It only shows up if you are in the roblox group.

Agree and I will vote man, I worry a lot about the safe chat situation, I think they should do a quick check if you are +13/have safe chat before starting a tryout.

There are safe chat checks in tryouts usually. My friend who is 13+ has safe chat and failed the check even though he is old enough.

Maybe his roblox account isnt old enough?

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Yeah, some times this happen because your account it’s too young.

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Great explanation of the requirements and location where tryouts are posted that helps many people a lot.

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