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How To Get Your Appeal Accepted/Handled

Hello. Welcome To How To Get Your Appeal Handled Or Accepted 101.

  1. Be Informative

The More Details Gives +1% Chance Of Getting Your Appeal Accepted And Handeled. Like If Your Appeal Has Video Proof, Say Something That Occurred Earlier Before The Video. Like “ Earlier Before The Video… “

  1. Make Sure To Catch The Person On The Act.

  2. Catch Their User Name On Camera.

That’s All, Good Luck Reporting!

Why are you capitalising every single word?

Idk, I’m just wierd.



how do you get a ban appeal accepted tho

All you need is a vouch [If You Accidentally Killed An Officer] and then describe what got you banned

The mods will accept your appeal depending on what you did. I looked at your profile and saw that you were banned from the GAR discord server because of chat flooding, then you created an alt to evade the punishment.

And since you evaded your punishment, it’s now unappealable.

How about my case? Accidental advertisement in public.