How to get on the bridge!

Hello everyone! I’m this tutorial I will explain how to get on the bridge

Step 1

You have to go into the restricted area and access the single door

Step 2

You will find yourself in a balcony. You will have to go to the edge and walk there until it ends

Step 3

When you are there, you will have to jump in the point indicated by the arrow (tip: do this by activating the run, it will allow you to jump higher and more easily

Step 4

A life landed there jumps to the indicated point

Step 5

Congratulations! You managed to get on the bridge! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Write what you think in the comments below and leave a like if you want :slight_smile:


Super helpful, good job!


Thanks! I am very pleased to hear this! :grin:

It used to be easier when the fences didn’t shock you :frowning_face:

Good job on this tutorial! I used to use this method before I bought the jetpack.

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The classic method for jetpack-less people to get onto the bridge. Very well explained!

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