How to get famous on the forums

If you’re new and looking to get big on the forums here are some of my best tips and tricks.

  1. Have a good username.

Having a good username can make your time a lot easier on here, now the idea of a good username is really just an opinion but a good username could be a lot of things; such as a username that’s on-topic to the forum or star wars in general (preferably the clone wars LOL). An example of a bad username in my opinion would be anything that has to do with the star wars sequels or one that has a lot of numbers.

  1. Share your thoughts!

Sharing your thoughts will get more and more people to know who you are. It’ll get you friends, and supporters, people who agree with your ideas overall.

  1. Actually know how the game and forum work.

Now I know if you are new to the forum you probably don’t know exactly how everything works so play around for a little bit, the forum is very easy to use and there may be some tutorial on it, but please please, please, please, I advise that you know how most of the game works and it’s basic functions. However, the forum is a place for questions but make them somewhat in-depth and maybe “harder” to


I thought it was by starting drama on the forums, oh well.


I did exactly the opposite.

  1. My username is my real name, no imagination involved.
  2. I shared my opinion but while being aggressive and sarcy at the same time.
  3. I didn’t know how this forum worked and my first question on the forum was…how to tryout sir?

And hey I’m still famous, except for some defaming posts which well…decreased my fame.


I am not famous so um…

you kinda are you are pretty active on posts.

pls how be slitghly green stormtrooper.

Huh? Who are you? Have we met? Are you famous???

He’s a pioneer of forums.

i meet all these reqs yet ig im an exception lmao

i call it a casabowie moment

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Well I don’t expect everyone to know me but u r famous.

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You are still good to me even if you did not do my way. porky-boo.

Being famous the bad way.

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Wow we have so much in common, I didn’t say it but that’s what I get called most times lol.

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Rest in pieces broskie-boo.

You should have known before committing to it, you have failed me padawan Boo.

15 characters req

Imagine wanting to be “famous” on a niche forums page for an animated Lego game profiting from an already well-established franchise.


Facts LOL. Who cares on being famous. I never wanted to be famous in the first place but here I am, The villain of forums.

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It was a joke, of course I know you.

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