How to do "Name and Planet"

thats horrible… i like it

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Lmfao. Thats too accurate that it’s sad.

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we need to change things on GAR. if we dont the innocent will perish. the change starts with us! TO make gar better we need to train cadets so they know the rules before the become a trooper and start rking the moment they get a gun. we need some kind of basic training. it would be perfect and give us more to do.
-tyhhipthebest sergeant GAR

what do you think @Qwerty @keanu_lopez @MeIsC00lGuy2020 @KKzuk @milo_creator
should i suggest this?

I agree, we should make them feel special and let them meet HICOm and officerds.

no thats not what i meant

i meant that serg+ would train the cadets and teach them the rules

that way there is a real perpose to the ranks

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