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How to do "Name and Planet"

How to properly do “Name and Planet”

You know how Corporals- usually stand in-front of the line and ask the same made-up "name and planet" questions?

Well instead of slowing the entire line and random killing anyone who doesn’t answer the questions, you should try this instead!

Step 1

  • Let the next person get in line.

Step 2

  • Send a little friendly message of what to do!
    (Example in screenshot: “Hello! Please wait until the door opens to enter!”)

Step 3

  • If it is taking longer than normal inside the booth, just talk friendly with the immigrant!
    (Example shown below)

Step 4

Once the door finally opens move to the side (As shows in screenshot below) and tell the next one in line to “Proceed” or “Go in”

That is basically all!

Feel free to do your own thing, even say nothing! Or you could just continue to ask “Name and planet”. This is just how I handle the border process. Just don’t EVER hold up the border line, it annoys the border operator(s) and slows the process down when you don’t let them in.


Just make sure not to hold up the line, and do not ever terminate someone for answering “Name and planet” incorrectly, that is Random kill. (Which is a crime)


Thank you for reading! Give your own ideas and comments below!

Honestly, I think this is better approach to immigrants. Many corporals, cadets, specialists and troopers just ask name and planet and if someone don’t answer they kill them. Then immigrants hate GAR for RKing and we don’t build relationships that way. We should make immigrants feel that their worth something. #immigrantslivesmatter


Good effort to making this community a better place with nice tutorials, I only hope ignorant troopers will read this for once.


Yoo it got accepted! Cool!


It’s a great tutorial :sunglasses:. How could it not be accepted.


I don’t even ask name and planet, I just say Go In, Next.


same #need20characters


Ok I will always use this


Step by step guide to “Name and planet”.

Step one of asking “Name and planet”: Don’t.

Tutorial done. :sunglasses:

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Sums it up pretty well.


This shouldnt be called "How To Do Name and Planet", as its not about name and planet. It should be called: "How to be the line leader" or something.

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How to color texts sor!!!

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Honestly I think it should just be called “Don’t do name and planet, instead do this:”.

Yeah, finally immigrants are treated well.


I’ve seen many people using it right now. It’s great to see that.