How to do border's duty:

Updating this if new announcement came out regarding new rules.
Until then here a simple guides:
For E4+ and below:
1.)Get into posts(any white lines), and monitor the immigrants behaviours, ensuring they are being civilized.
2.) Make sure to lead immigrants into lane, and explain them how the game works in your own words if they are playing it the time.
3.)Ensure that the immigrants are standing on red lines within the straight lane. If any immigrants are to step out of line, feel free to ask them to return to lanes. Otherwise, use lethal forces.
4.) Do not neccesary ask for Name and Planets. This is a debatable ones, because it doesnt need to be asked as it can hold up the lines. Instead, simply ask them to wait until the booth’s ‘laser gate’ is opened.
5.) Repeat above and deal with any immigrants who breach the rules, such as going past the fences, or cutting the lines.
If inside the booth’s interrogation room:
1.)Standing behind at the wall.
2.) Make sure the immigrants is following instructions, by standing on the white line indicated and show his/her passport.
3.) If immigrant is afk or answering incorrectly, terminate.
For personnels choose to work at booths:
1.) Get into booth. Optionally, you can bring another personnel who is atleast E3 and be asked to be bodyguard. (To prevent raiders from assaulting you off-guard).
2.) Ask the booth npc to let you use the booth.
3.) Use the booth’s panel and open the ‘laser gate’ for the immigrant.
4.) Only one immigrant is allow to enter the interrogation room. If more than one entered, E2+ and below, or other ranked personnel should terminate them immediately.
5.) Ask the question accordingly, the questions are shown the wall above the booth’s panel.
6.) After finishing asking questions and have satisfied response from immigrants, be sure to let them out through the exit gate.
For those who stationed at fence(E5+ and above):

  • Monitor the crowds at lane. If any immigrants is shown to be hostile by assaulting personnels, immediately response by shooting them.
    -Looking out for where raiders could be positioning their assault position. For examples, some raiders may deploy assaults from tower.
    -Seeking out if any E4+ and below are at posts. If not, ask any available divisions to warn them. The divison should then do the countdown, and they should find post then. If counting end and continue to disobey, the division will terminate them. Alternatively, if a CGs is nearby, be sure to ask them to cuff them and put them at posts.
    This is the end. I’m not sure if more need to be added, as stated at above.
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I like this but please format to make it easier to read. Thanks!

You also don’t need to add the + behind E-4 if you are saying E-4 and below.

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Well explained, one of the best tutorials.

Bien explicado, unos de los mejores tutoriales.