How to change legion

I could not figure out how to change the legion, I searched in discord, but did not find it, the answers from the players were not clear.

Hello. DM your division HiCom for discharge from division where you are. You gonna ask about all your problems with division to your HiCom.

After discharge you need to pass tryout that division you want to join.

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We call them divisions around here.

You must DM your hicom representative within your division, you must then wait for a tryout to appear. Tryouts are all different. Some require certain amounts of damage and some may require certain levels within coruscant. Example: The coruscant guard tryout requires you to be a corporal in GAR. The coruscant guard is an elite division so it does have some pretty high damage requirements. However, divisions such as the 327th require less, as they focus on teamwork and healing rather then combat.

You must wait seven days before discharging from a new division

For all divisions you must be 13 and up. Thirteen and up is the requirement for discord and to have lowest setting of safechat on the roblox platform. I have reason to believe it’s also a maturity matter as well. Speaking of maturity, it is required that you are mature in tryouts. Your average division such as the 327th or even 7th will not kick you immediately from the tryout if you break something like PTS (Permission to Speak) but something like Red Guard, Coruscant Guard (Possibly), and the Officer Academy.

(Everything mentioned is based off of pure experience or educated guessing.)